Thursday, February 16, 2012


Finally it’s over!  We have done what we could as parents.  Now we just need to pray and of cos…. wait….

After I lamented on how far behind we were for parent volunteering, doors seemed to open up all of a sudden.  God had heard our prayers!  Within the next few days we received calls from the school administration, accepting both of us for events which helped us clocked up to 42 hours!  There were some parents whom we know only managed to complete less than 10 hours.  We are indeed very blessed. 

Our last job was Mon Feb 13, Sports Heats (High Jump, Long Jump & Shot Put).   It was the most “siong” (most difficult) job.  Not just because we had to be in the sun but for the reason that both Cheng & I were still recovering from a bad flu and cough.  I was still running a fever then.  But for the benefit of our kids… we bite the bullet and carried on.

After 4 long hours… the sweet thoughts of full completion just couldn’t be described… we were found smiling away as we put our final signatures on the school record book.  No longer do I need to panic when a new email arrives in my inbox.

I’ll leave you with some interesting shots I took for the school during my last job.  I especially like the students’ facial expressions.






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