Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy CNY!

My parents and sisters have already boarded the plane to China to visit some long distance relatives in Xiamen.  CNY’s visitation this year is already half done before it has even begun.  Still we want to let the kids enjoy a bit of the festive mood on day 1.  Thus we brought them to see their “roots”.  To visit their old but yet very strong and healthy great grandmother.

IMG_4252My Ah Mah was happy to see the little ones

IMG_4254Jennan wasn’t co-operative initially and I had to make her to take this picture.  Which explained why…

I titled this “Life is full of Tears & Joy”

IMG_4257Still a little emo here

IMG_4270Finally she gotten over it and smiled for the camera

IMG_4237We wish you a wonderful LONG year. Everyone HUAT HUAT HUAT!!!

Reunion Dinner

After such an awesome dinner this year, steamboat will never be the same again.  I still cannot get over the dishes!  I am too spoiled.

IMG_4116Spices and Sauces

IMG_4127Live Prawns on Satay Sticks

IMG_4132Try out the U.S. Wagyu Beef

IMG_4134And Now the Japanese Beef!

IMG_4136How about a change, Japanese Black Pork

IMG_4147Delicious Beef Cubes prepared by the Restaurant Manager himself

IMG_4193Lastly, I leave you with our very own Homecooked Alaskan Crab!

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