Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Birthday

It was my birthday yesterday.  After coming back from a crowded Hong Kong, the last thing I wanted to do was to “squeeze” with others over a meal.  Cheng & I decided to have it simple and choose to celebrate a quiet evening at T2 Swensen’s.  Truly, hardly anyone was there on a Wed night.  Nothing fancy but just the company of love ones.



My boy is so sweet & thoughtful.  He only found out at the dinner itself that it was my birthday.  As we were on our way home, he said he would like to buy me a present.   With all the shops closed, we went to a 7 eleven store near our place and he picked up this for me.


Potato Chips from my son.  As we walked out, he asked me…

Dylan: Daddy, what time will you come home tomorrow?

Me: Late, cos Daddy has CG on Thu.

Dylan: Then Fri?

Me: Yes, Daddy will be home early.

Dylan: Ok then, I will get you a present… a toy.

Me: I thought you’ve just gotten me a present (referring to the chips)?

Dylan: No.. that one not counted. Chips is for eating. I will get you a toy on Fri.

I looked at him and smiled all the way back home…

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