Saturday, July 7, 2012

This used to be My Playground…

Last week, Cheng had to work on Mon thus leaving me alone on my offday.  I am kinda lost without my wife.  Since I have nothing in mind… I decided to make a trip down to my old old old primary school.  Though the school is no longer around but the building is.  Brought back a lot of fond memories and I look wired on the road cos I kept smiling while looking at the photos I took.  Wish I’ve gotten more shots but some areas were out of bounds.


Charlton Park.  The place where I used to pick all the red saga seeds.  Collecting them into bottles.


Along the road of Aroozoo Avenue…


Formerly known as Paya Lebar Swimming Complex is now a childcare centre.


My Alma mater… it’s so run down now.


This was where we gathered for morning assembly…


The back of my old school tuckshop…


Where the children would play during recess time.  Catching, Zero Point, 7up, Marbles…


Oh man this was my nightmare.  It used to be a garden and I was the head gardener in Pri 5 & 6.  Not that I love gardening… but was “selected” cos my form teacher was incharge of it.  Everyday I would water the plants twice…  Sometimes, even on Sat I had to come back school for weeding & loosen up the soil… tough work then.  Yap that was my ECA then.  Now… it’s just a piece of dry ground.


After school, some would take on this path and returned home while others like me would wait patiently for our school buses to arrive.


I ended my day at this Mc Donalds.  One which I have not visited for 26 years.  It was once a very popular spot for me.  Hanging out, goofing off with fellow friends the entire day with a few drinks and sundaes…

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