Friday, March 16, 2012

Teaching Your Child

I am not a very patient person.  All of my friends know this.  But when Dylan and Jennan came along, I think I did quite well in my effort to change.  Still, sometimes emotions get the better of me and I lose my cool.  One of those times is when I have to coach Dylan in his reading.  I heard of people saying that we can never teach our own kids.  I wanted to prove this statement wrong… but only to find it’s so so so true (at least for me).

Thankfully Dylan is quite sensible.  After each lesson with me, I will explain to him why I was upset and also not forgetting to praise him that he has improved.  It can really go a long way.  Now he is in K2.  I really cannot imagine how things will be like when he goes to primary school next year…



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