Sunday, January 15, 2012

HK 2012 – Day 6

It’s Sunday.  People everywhere!  This is supposed to be Cheng and my day where we get a day off from the kids.  To top that, it has been drizzling since morning.  The “heaviest” 毛毛雨 thus far.  After getting the lup cheong from 鏞記, Sis brought the kids back to hotel room to rest and mother, Cheng and I went to Lai Chi Kok (荔枝角).  Unfortunately, it is closed on Sun.  Without much of a choice we had to shop at Argyle Centre (旺角中心).  Still, nothing beats shopping at the Hong Kong Industrial Market at Lai Chi Kok.

Believe it or not… this is the only photo that I took for Day 6.  Resting for a full battle ahead at Disney tomorrow.


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