Thursday, January 12, 2012

HK 2012 – Day 3

It’s only day 3 and already Cheng & I can barely cope with the 2 caterpillars.  Just need to “tahan” for 1 more day before help arrives (mother and sisters joining us tomorrow).  There is complete freedom when you are just traveling with your spouse.  You can shop till late and wake up during noon to have breakfast & lunch together.  With kids it is totally different and most of the time troublesome!  Some how parents don’t mind to inconvenience ourselves and we gladly do it over and over again.

Day 3.  We took the boat from Central Piers to Noah’s Ark at Ma Wan.  My 2 cents…  If you really have nothing to do in HK, then you go there…  I think we among the 50 customers who visited the Ark today?  You can’t really take photo inside the exhibition, I “accidentally” took a few without flash even.  Quite frankly, I was disappointed.







We spent about 20mins in an education session teaching us how to make chocolate fridge magnets.  There were 180 degree & 4D movies etc.  But we didn’t stay for all cos like I said we were too disappointed and decided to make our way to the peak.



On board bus 15 heading towards the peak.  Jennan looking emo here.





We finally reached our hotel and hit the bed at about 12am…  You can see how tired they were… Dylan grabbing Jennan’s leg as pillow.


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