Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Yamaha Music School Concert

At the beginning of this year we enrolled Dylan into Yamaha Music School.  Time passes by so quickly and soon it has already been 6 months and Dylan is due for his first ever mini Piano Concert.  Like many other parents, Cheng & I were thrilled and prepared him to the best we know how.  This night, everything else became secondary as we made our way to Tampines Mall for the much anticipated performance.

IMG_2661Already on the bus, Dylan is so excited about his concert

IMG_2672We thought we dressed Dylan up pretty well…. Until we saw his classmate…

IMG_1383The kids lining up to perform and sing for us

IMG_2670All we parents couldn’t be more proud at this very moment

IMG_1387Dylan playing his individual piece… “See You Tomorrow”

IMG_1398Jennan was there to support Gor Gor too

IMG_1401We are already thinking of sending Jennan when she gets older

IMG_2668We are just so happy that he did not have any stage fright and did very well for all his items


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