Saturday, July 23, 2011

Holidaying @ Genting – Day 3

Jennan was over stimulated yesterday.  She went a full day without taking an afternoon nap.  By 8pm, she was dozing off at dinner place.  We thought to ourselves “Wow! Tonight she will sleep through! Great!”  Little did we know that it was one of our toughest nights. She woke up and cried so many times saying “Don’t want… Don’t want…”  Occasionally, she also woke up smiling and posing with a victory sign as if she was taking a photo…. amazing!  This went on till almost 4am….  (The old wives’ tale seems to be true).  Come day break, we very much needed…

IMG_9871Prayer to OldTown
Our OldTown in Genting, we call upon your strength.  Even as our soul is willing but our body is weak.  Give us today our daily boost as we live through the rest with 2 hyper-active kids!  Ooh Men.

Presentation1Then again… how could you be upset with such adorable, cuuuute little girl!

After last night’s lesson, we insisted that the kids to take their afternoon nap.  Though there are still other things to do/play, we were simply too tired to “challenge” ourselves.  After their nap, we did the next best thing… bring them for a dip.

45678910I am glad we did what we did and the kids and the adults had a wonderful time. Very quickly the day is coming to an end. Time to look for food again.


Though I would say 3D2N at Genting is more than sufficient, but staying an extra day is not that bad either.  Especially if you are an adult and want to try ALL the activities it can offer (There are lots we did not explore cos they are not really child friendly).
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