Monday, July 18, 2011

Birthday @ The Skool

We finally had a decent birthday party for Jennan.  So “Mei Mei”, 20 years from now when you are reading this blog, please know that Daddy & Mummy treated you and “Gor Gor” equally ok… we also celebrated his birthday this year at the skool.

IMG_9626Shouldn’t birthday Girl look more excited?

IMG_9640Everyone is getting ready to sing birthday song

IMG_9665Finally, some smiles from princess…

IMG_9666Oh man… they added a few more “toppings” on the cake

IMG_9668Look who is hungry…

IMG_9671Btw, She is not 2 but 3 years old…

IMG_9675No matter how hard I tried, she just won’t look up

IMG_9690She’s too cuuuuuuute…..

IMG_9704Love you Daddy, Mummy…

Jennan & 小姑's Birthday

Jennan and 小姑's birthdays fall on the same day. The Lim celebrated earlier at our cosy Hougang home.







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