Thursday, January 27, 2011

Photoshop (2nd Lesson)

I just came back from my 2nd photoshop lesson. It was fantastic! I am so eager to share with you. If you asked me, tonight is like the essence of all lessons. Too bad Alex Yiu had to stay in camp tonight.... But don't worry Alex. I can give you re-course... cheap cheap... $200 only.

This was the photo which we were asked to touch up.
For starter, it was already a pretty well taken photo.
But Photoshop can take it several steps higher...

What we learnt tonight was
1. Removed the mole
2. Smoothened the skin
3. Teeth Whitening
4. Gave her foundation
5. Freshened up her lips colour
6. Gave her eye shadow
7. Applied blusher
8. Touched up her hair roots
9. Lift up her smile
10. Finally applied a warm filter to create the sunshine effect

And the final result is.......

I am very happy with what I did! What do you think?
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