Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Big Day

Yesterday was my first day of work in 2011. Co-incidentally, it was also my "27th" Birthday! It was great as I was showered with kind words and well wishes from friends & colleagues. Thank you friends for your love!!! I certainly felt very special for the whole day. But nothing could be compared to what my wife had prepared for me in the evening.....

We arranged to meet at Fullerton for Dinner

Already at the entrance I was excited

Wifey treat me to a great buffet at "The Town"

Could you see how full I was...

After dinner we took some pics outside... (Cheng was stalling for time)

Little did I know that she was actually planning for another surprise

2 great friends (Ally & William) came along and throw me another surprise!
Brought us to Dempsey Road , PS cafe to have dessert!
We fellowshipped till the place had to close up.

Thank you Ally & William for making this birthday so special! Really appreciate your love and friendship. Let's do this again... Soon! Next time our treat yah!
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