Thursday, January 13, 2011

Henderson Waves

I was not feeling great since my returned from Hong Kong. Was down with a "persistent" flu. I purposefully went to get a flu jab last Dec to prepare for the trip. Sickening thing was that just 2 days before we flew for HK, I caught a flu... recovered on the 3rd day there (after self-medication)... then just before we flew back to Singapore... caught another flu virus again.... this time round even worse).

Just yesterday, finally I could breathe again (thru my nose)... I could not stand cooping up in the house anymore... so I grabbed my gear and just went for some shoot.

came to Harbourfront MRT & took the Marang Trail

came to the top and saw the grand view from Jewel Box

carried on my way came to the Henderson Waves

hardly see anyone on the bridge

took my time with some artistic shot

it was about to rain, so I hurried off

I like the old English look from the Terrace Garden

Suddenly it started pouring
I had to hide in one of the Telok Blangah HDB Blocks
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