Thursday, December 1, 2011

iRenew Retreat @ Pulai Springs

From Bintan to JB.  Retreat at JB was not the same without family.  I miss my kids back at home.  Without them around, I realised that I took lesser photos.  During free and easy time, I find myself walking aimlessly around the resort.  Thank God I can still depend on the GREAT WORD shared by both Pst Kong & Pst Tan!  Indeed it has brought about a RENEW sensation upon the camp.  Also not to mentioned the hilarious Retro Dinner Party.  I was totally in my zone or one may call it my era.  Too bad I was “banned” in taking part in the song guessing game, wasted my effort for sitting so near the stage.

IMG_2904My Hotel Room is just right next to the pool. Argh!! It rained for 3 consecutive days in the afternoon!

IMG_2913Early morning greetings from the Lord…

IMG_2522Another aimless walk around the resort. Too bad I didn’t have the correct lens filter thus make do with what I had…

IMG_2527The start of Retro Night. Man these guys are serious!

IMG_2535If I am not wrong this Group won the Best Dressed Award

IMG_2537Queen of Retro came from this Group. You know which one?

IMG_2566Thank you Angel for this unique Canon/Sony Camera Thumbdrive. LOVE IT!

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