Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day Off at the Zoo

Dylan has no school yesterday. Cheng & I have already planned to bring the whole family to the zoo. It was fun but at the same time disappointing. Read on and you will know what I mean. It took us a while to get into the zoo. Buying the tickets was not as smooth as I thought it would be.

It took us a while to Q up for tickets (at least 30mins). Way too long!

We started off quite excitedly but soon lost the motivation as we moved on.

Some of the candid shots which I took.

It's only when we came to the reptile corner where we got excited again!

Cheng and Minda feeding the Giant Tortoise.
Dylan was hiding behind me all the while. Such a scary cat he was.

Finally we reached the pool area and Dylan became alive!

He had so much fun playing with water.

Taking photos here is a challenged! Many kids are spraying water left/right/centre.

My helper joining in the fun too!

All these while we tried to encourage Jennan to join us

She just sat there feeling emo...

Finally we resorted to ice-cream to cheer her up. It worked!

After ice-cream, we headed for our boat

Weather changed suddenly and a storm was brewing

Just like the weather, her mood changed too

We had to cut short our journey due to the sudden downpour.
I guess white tiger just has to wait till next time.

p/s: you can go to my facebook to view more photos

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