Friday, December 10, 2010

My Wife is Talented

Did I ever mention that my wife is very good with her hands when it comes to arts & crafts? Well she is! Below are some of her artwork she did in her shop.

One of the deco she did on part of the wall.
They were just some recycled boxes and unwanted wrapping papers.

This is one of her latest crafts.
All made from a piece of red cloth!

Have a closer look.

What she did when she was still schooling.
All made from some cardboards, dry leaves and twigs
(which she picked up from the roads!)
I used to "suan" her when she picked twigs while "pah-torhing" with me.

Another of her artwork she did for her shop.

She hand made her Christmas gifts for her office contacts every year!

Dylan's artwork... think got potential?

p/s: If you are interested to get some art for your new home/shop... can contact me. I give you friend friend price yah.
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