Thursday, December 2, 2010

Staff Retreat Dec 2010

I just came back from our church staff retreat. Though it was only 3 days 2 nights (I stayed for only 2D/1N) at Bintan Lagoon, it was awesome! The committee really did a GREAT JOB! We were pampered in all of our body, soul and most importantly... our spirit. Wish I could have stayed throughout but Dylan is more important. I had to come back 1 day earlier as I didn't want to miss out Dylan's school event (which I hope to blog more about later).

This is just a brief summary of what took place over at Bintan:-

About 288 of staff & family members were getting ready to board on the boat

Buses were waiting for us when we arrived

At the Resort. Our Welcome Banner!!!

Some of us have gotten our keys while others waited patiently

Take a look at my room! Not too bad yah!

With a balcony where you can enjoy looking over the resort

Nice view outside my hotel room

After Checked-In. I've got some free & easy time.
So I came to this newly built 3rd degree restaurant/cafe to rest & relax

I ordered an ice coffee at the beach while enjoying the sea breeze

Beautiful evening sky from the cafe

That night, we had our first dinner by the pool side

Took this photo of some of my excited colleagues just right before Pst Kong's session

After a good night rest. I woke up at 6am to catch the sunrise.
I've forgotten that Bintan is 1 hour behind S'pore time thus missed it.

But it was still worth it. Just look at this morning sky at 6:30am

I proceeded on for breakfast at 7am

After Breakfast, I took a dip in the pool before the start of 2nd Session by Pst Kong

After Pst Kong's session, I had to take the ferry back to Singapore. I am sure to I will come back again to Bintan Lagoon. Next time... with my whole family!

p/s: As I came back earlier thus am able to blog about the retreat quicker than most of my colleagues. But they probably have more pictures (and fun) than I do. You can click unto their blog to read more about the retreat. Just give them some time to upload their stuff.
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