Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mini Zoo at Woodlands

First of all there is no mini zoo at Woodlands. It's just my niece and nephew have been asking Cheng & I to go to their home in Woodlands. They always talked about the pets they have at home. Thus today, after fully rested at our comfort home.... we headed off to the mini zoo!

The house really got alot of fish! These are just few of the many!

Also... one of the many Stingrays.

Jennan trying to get Norman's attention

Now Ordering Sparky to look at Camera

Can you understand what they are communicating?

Cannot take it! Just look at that Dog's face...

Dylan and Cousin Ryann

Trying to get a group photo with Sparky

Later that evening we went to Ah Orh's Restaurant at Jln Bt Merah for dinner.
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