Wednesday, November 17, 2010


T.G.I.Wed!!! Or, should I say T.G.I.Holiday!

It was a wonderful Wed morning, the skies are simply beautiful. We had already planned to go to the beach & really Thank God for the nice weather. This is really one of our favourite past time.

Geared with the necessary toys & stuff, we got into Uncle Kiat’s car and make our way to East Coast Drive Thru’ Mc Donald’s. After getting our breakfast, in no time we found ourselves a quiet spot!

Here are the photos!

Hard to come by a sky like this

Dylan having fun making sand caslte

Cool Enzo modeling for me

Doggie. Jennan's Best Friend?

Best Buddies!

Last Episode

Ok I am taking a risk here. My reputation is at stake when I blog about this.

One of my, if not the only Korean Drama that I will watch throughout, is coming to an end tonight. Even though this is a repeat telecast, even though I have seen it all on Dvd, still I find it hard to resist.

Farewell 恩才!

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