Saturday, November 13, 2010

Am I Too Bochap?

It is another typical Sat morning. Awaken by the nosies from my living room, I decided to step out of my comfortable bed to check. Oh it is showing Dylan's favourite cartoons (Spiderman, BEN 10, Pokemon etc). Seeing him so "glued" to the TV makes me wonder are we fully utilizing his time?

I have heard of many parents and friends sending their kids to extra classes be it swimming/piano/drawing etc. Part of me really want to do the same for Dylan but due to some personal reasons it is always put on hold. Thus, we started of with a little bit of our version of home school.

You know about grey elephants. You have heard or even seen "White Elephant" (some of us may even have it at our own backyard). I bet you have never seen a multi-coloured elephant.

Dylan likes his elephant this way.

Jennan too wants to join in.
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