Thursday, November 11, 2010

Finally Again

Finally picked up my butt.... well in this case my fingers to blog again. I always have alot to say (or share) but whenever facing a computer, my tongue, I mean fingers or rather will be tied. And somehow putting my thoughts into words seem so tedious. Plus, I am not really good with my "England"... thus blogging becomes harder. Unlike some of my blogger friends, words just seem to flow out of them....

So why try again all of a sudden?

I guess it is good to keep some records or you may call it a dairy. So that 20 years down the road when my children want to know how they spent their childhood... at least I can refer to this blog when my brain could be failing me then (I hope I can blog till that long).

Ok... gave my blog a new facelift. Hope you'll like it!
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