Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Which Category are You?

CNY is not yet over but I guess the mood is almost over. Most of us had already started work & begun to take stock on our pass fews days of "hardwork".

Which Category Are You At?
  1. Pockets are full & hearts are full - That’s where Dylan & most children are at now. They are just so happy not just because of Ang Baos but they too get to eat lots of goodie stuff.
  2. Pockets are empty but hearts are full - That’s where me & most parents are at now. We are happy to be able to give out Ang Baos & bless the little ones (some big ones). But of because we certainly don't mind others blessing us too.

  3. Pockets are full but hearts are empty - A no. of singles (due for marriage) can be found here. For once they would like to be giving out the Ang Baos & not collecting them so as to avoid those irritating questioning from certain relatives. Don't stay here for too long.
  4. Pockets are empty & hearts are empty too - I hope you are not in this category. These are the ones who would make life difficult for those in category 3.

Well... just my 2 cents... Which category are you?

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