Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Leader who Serves

A youth pastor was leading a group of young people on a short-term mission trip to a poor community in Peru. The only comfortable room available was assigned to the pastor, but he refused it.

When it came time to pour concrete in the hot afternoon sun, he didn't stand under a tree and drink lemonade—he took his turn pushing the wheelbarrow up the ramp and shoveling out the concrete. He gained great respect from both the villagers and his youth group by joining in the hard work with them.

When Israel was rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem under hard and dangerous conditions, their leader Nehemiah took his turn at both building and standing guard. Special food was allotted to him as the leader, but he refused to accept it, unlike his predecessors. He ate from the same rations that were offered to everyone else (Nehemiah 5:18).

Two options come with leadership: the temptation to serve yourself, and the opportunity to serve the people you lead. Nehemiah chose to be a servant-leader, and it earned for him enormous respect.

If the Lord ever places you in a position of leadership, ask for His help to be a leader who serves.

All those who have authority,
Should use their power to lead;
By taking orders from the Lord,
And serving those in need.

Leaders who serve will serve as good leaders.
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