Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Be Like a Tree

A Tree:-

1. Converts CO2 to O2
Aren't we all called to Evangelize, to covert sinners to Christians?

2. Helps to Provide Shade
Aren't we supposed to lend a helping hand to the poor & needy, to protect those in times of need?

3. Reproduces Food
Aren't we supposed to reproduce ourselves, to make disicples?

4. Improves Soil Structure
Aren't we supposed to edify one another, to improve our member's life through our wise & godly counsel?

5. Stabilizes Dust
Aren't we supposed to bring about peace in chaotic times, to be look upon for answers & solutions in times of uncertainty?

6. Titivates the Surrounding
Aren't we supposed to be the salt & light of this world, that our existence here would cause the world to be a better place?

Be like a Tree when dies to itself gives wood for new buildings.
When we die to ourselves, we allow ourselves to be used by God.

Be like a Tree. Be like CHRIST.
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